Covid-19 has resulted in many people wanting to support local businesses and buy local products but with lockdown restrictions forcing many businesses to close it’s hard to know how you can help. We’ve come up with 6 ways you can support local businesses in Lockdown.

1. Shop Local

By shopping locally you could come into contact with less people and for a shorter period of time as Local Businesses are often smaller therefore letting in less customers at a time. Shopping at your local green grocer, farm shop, bakery or butcher may also mean the produce you’re getting is fresher and more locally sourced. If your favourite local retailer’s doors are closed they may still be operating online so why not look them up to see? If you’re looking to get some new clothes this lockdown Excel Clothing have a range of designer fashion available on their website with same day dispatch and discounts available across the store.

2. Click & Collect

Many local shops are now able to offer click & collect services under the new restrictions so why not treat yourself to something new? Menarys in Bangor are offering a Call & Collect service with discounts on products across the store including 20% off beauty products.

3. Buy a Gift Voucher

You can also support local businesses in your area by purchasing gift cards to use in the future. If a local business you were hoping to support isn’t able to operate at the minute then purchasing a giftcard is a great way to remain loyal to your favourite local spots, support a new business you’ve discovered or gift a loved one something to look forward to. Menarys and DV8 are just some of the local retailers offering Gift Cards currently but check online to see if your favourite stores are offering gift cards too. Oasis Travel also has a range of holiday packages available for late 2021 and 2022 so why not give yourself something to look forward to by booking a holiday with them.

4. Leave a Good Review

Financial support isn’t the only way to help local businesses during lockdown, simply telling a friend about a brand or sharing/supporting a company’s social media helps a lot. This can help raise a company’s profile and persuade new customers to try a brand. Many customers use reviews to determine what products to buy or which services to use. Giving a good rating or review to your favourite local businesses will help convince new customers to try them out and raise the profile of their brand.

5. Food Delivery

Many pubs, restaurants and cafes have been able to adapt and offer takeaway services when restrictions have not allowed them to open. Little Wings Pizza in Bangor has launched on Just Eat with selected favourites from their usual menu if you’ve been craving pizza this is definitely one to try. The Heatherlea also has a range of hot food, coffee and treats available to order for home delivery or collection.

6. Try to Reschedule Instead of Cancelling

If you’ve made a booking with a business instead of cancelling why not reschedule for when restrictions are lifted. This is a great way to support your local businesses and gives you something to look forward to when this is all over.

We hope this gives you some ideas if you’ve been looking for ways to support local businesses and your community over lockdown and beyond.