Shoppers on Upper Main Street will have noticed that the jewellery shop has changed hands and enjoyed a makeover. We caught up with new owner, Janet Fullerton and asked her about her new venture.

Janet Fullerton
Janet Fullerton

When did you open on Upper Main Street?

We opened in July last year and we’ve been busy refreshing the store and building up some lovely new stock, we’ve still a wish list of things we would like to do but as with most retail businesses, we have to take it one step at a time.

You’ve been in the jewellery trade for a many years, Janet, what made you take the step into owning your own store?

I have been working in the jewellery trade for over 30 years and hold the National Association of Jewellers exams. Together with the support and enthusiasm of the store’s manageress, Freda Anderson, I felt it was time to bring my ideas and tastes to retail.

What are your ambitions for the shop in the future?

As a small retailer, it’s important to offer something different than the mass-market jewellery stores, so I am constantly curating pieces that are more unique but always high quality.

What is your core product mix?

We stock a wide range from small silver pieces starting at around £9.95 to a stunning range of diamond jewellery for ladies and gents. Diamonds would be my special interest so they do feature heavily in my product range. I also stock a range of carefully selected pre-owned and beautiful antique pieces.

Diamonds are a speciality in Janet Fullerton Jewellers
Diamonds are a speciality in Janet Fullerton Jewellers

What are your favourite pieces in the store at the moment?

Oh that’s quite difficult as I have chosen everything myself so like it all! However, if pushed, it would probably have to be the 18 ct white gold diamond Crescent Moon pendant and a lovely diamond solitaire ring of 1.75 ct. Both pieces are exceptional in design and would be beautiful gifts.

The high street environment is challenging at the moment, what makes Janet Fullerton Jewellers different?

My aim is to bring a more personal touch to my customers so they are assured of an exceptional after sales service. I want to have customers that keep coming back to me at the different milestones of their lives from wedding bands and christening gifts to anniversaries and birthdays. I try hard to get to know my clientele and have exactly what they are looking for at a good price. I am passionate about jewellery and it’s my great wish to bring some gorgeous sparkle to Upper Main Street in Bangor!