The NI High Street Spend Local scheme is part of the Northern Ireland Executive’s COVID-19 recovery programme. If you are a resident in Northern Ireland and are aged 18 or over you are eligible to apply to receive a £100 pre-paid card to spend in local businesses across Northern Ireland.

This scheme is very welcomed by the businesses and retailers of Bangor who have been hugely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic over the last 18+ months.

How to apply for the NI High Street Voucher

  • Online applications open from 27th September & close on 25th October.
  • Register online at
  • You will require 8 pieces of information to register - Name, Address, D.O.B, disability status, email address, telephone number, driving license number (optional).
  • You can register to complete the application for a limited number of people such as your parents, siblings or a close relative.
  • Telephone applications will open on the 11th October & close on 25th October.

When will my Spend Local card be issued?

The first Spend Local vouchers will be issued on the 4th October.

When will my Spend Local card expire?

All cards will expire at the end of November 2021. You will not be able to use the card after this date.

Any balance remaining on the card after this date will be returned to the Department for the Economy.

What stores can I spend my voucher in?

The Spend Local card can be used to purchase goods and services in any local business in Northern Ireland that has the capacity to accept card payments. The card cannot be used to purchase goods and services online, for gambling or for certain financial and legal services. You don’t need to spend your voucher in one store and it can also be used towards the purchase of something bigger.

Where should I spend my Spend Local Voucher?

Now is the time to support and shop local! Remember, you don’t have to spend your whole voucher at one store so why not consider spending some of it with some of these fantastic retailers and other local businesses in Bangor.

  • Menarys
  • DV8
  • Excel
  • Sostrene Grene
  • O2
  • Carnaby
  • The Heatherlea

Keep an eye out on our social media over the next few weeks for deals, special offers and inspiration on what to spend your voucher on.

The above information taken from the official website. The Department for the Economy is responsible for the scheme See the official FAQ’s for more information.