We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your house organised during lockdown. Now is the perfect time to spend the extra time you have on those tasks that you have been putting off!


- Have a plan

Before you dive in, it’s best to pull a quick plan together. This applies to all rooms of your house.

Think of what section of your room you’d like to tackle first. It’s easy to get distracted by the things you find in your room. Whether it’s your drawers you want to tackle first or your wardrobe, having a plan will make sure things don’t get out of hand.

- Get rid of old clothes

We all like to keep certain clothes for the ‘what if’ & the ‘maybe’ occasions. More than likely if you haven’t worn it in the past 12 months then it’s time to get rid of it. Start by setting some rules such as if it doesn’t fit or if it’s not your style anymore, donate it.

- Assort by type & colour

Once you’ve assorted your clothes by type, try arranging by colour. It will make it easier to find the clothes you are looking for, coordinate your outfits & it’s pleasing to look at as well.

- Folding tips

Instead of spending ages rummaging through a large drawer full of clothes stacked on top of each other, try folding them the Marie Kondo way. It allows you to easily & quickly see what you have.

- Clever storage

No one wants their room to be cluttered however storage can be a big problem, that’s why you have to be clever! The most obvious is under your bed or on top of your wardrobe. Fill boxes up with summer or winter clothes (depending on the season) & store them there.
Your wardrobe doors are also a good place for extra storage. Wall hanging storage simply clips on to the top & hangs down the inside of your wardrobe.


- Declutter

Like most of the rooms in the house, it’s a good idea to declutter first before you dive into organising. Take everything out of your cupboards & get rid of anything empty, out of date or if it’s not used anymore.

Once you know what you have sitting in front of you, it’s easier to group these into similar categories for storage.

- Shelves

Shelves are a great way to store things out in the open whilst looking nice. Add baskets or glass jars to the shelves & store toilet paper, cotton wools etc in them. Towels can be very bulky & usually take up a lot of space. Think about installing an over the door shelf to store them on top of.

- Drawer dividers

It can be hard to find what you’re looking for in a drawer that’s filled with everything. Clear drawer dividers allow you to group similar items for you to easily find.


- Cupboard door storage

Not everyone has a spacious kitchen with lots of storage therefore we have to be creative. There are plenty of options online of storage baskets & shelves that attach on to the back of your cupboard doors. Use this extra space to store spices or sauces. This idea can be used on all cupboard doors across your house.

- Stackable tupperware

I think every household has the dreaded ‘tupperware drawer’. The struggle of finding a lid that fits the box you’ve picked. Stackable tupperware sets mean you save up on drawer space & you can easily find the matching lid for your container.

- Clear containers

To save up on your cupboard space, purchase a set of matching clear containers & store dry food such as pasta, cereals & rice in them.

Tip - if you’re worried about not knowing the use-by date, cut it out of the packaging & tape to the container.

- Fridge

Like most fridges, over time it becomes a haven for expired sauces, forgotten leftovers & mouldy vegetables. Start by giving it a deep clean - take everything out & clean each shelf individually.

Group like items together in clear baskets such as vegetables, herbs & sauces. Have an ‘eat me first’ box filled with foods that are nearing its expiry date to help cut down on waste.

Lazy susans are a great way to stop sauces & jars being hidden & forgotten about at the back of your fridge.

- Labels

You can purchase a label maker online for relatively cheap but if you don’t have one, pen & paper will do the trick!

Labelling your containers & cupboards makes it easier to stay on top of your newly organised kitchen & for you to not slip back into old habits.

Before you get rid of anything from your house clean, make sure you check if any of the items can be donated to local charity shops or recycled.

During these uncertain times, it’s good to keep your mind focused on something productive. Having a clean & organised house can help reduce stress, improve sleep & improve your relationships. Clearing the clutter helps clear the mind!